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Welcome to eTeen!

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the site.

I’m Adam (@adam), the founder – I hope you like it.

I’ll be beginning to write frequently, and begin work on a magazine to publish.

If you could kindly share this as much as possible and populate the site, that would be wonderful – you can register you free account now! And if you like it, maybe you could help out more.

Should you have any suggestions…tell me! :)

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Under Construction

Welcome to the site.

Looks like you’ve turned up at a slightly tricky moment – we’re actually still building the site.

You can do some things, like registering your user account, but not all our features are going to be fully functional or entirely pretty right now.

If you have any feature suggestions or ideas, please do tell in the comments.

Thanks for visiting!

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Bingate: because Britishness, that’s why.

Bingate: because Britishness, that’s why.

The Great British Bake Off is about as quintessential (and essentialin terms of any individual Brit’s national identity) as the Queen, tea, scones or extreme right-wing views. It airs every Wednesday evening at 8pm on BBC One (it used to be BBC Two, but BBC One gets to steal all their best shows, which strikes me as very unfair…), plus “An Extra Slice,” hosted by Jo Brand is a “You’re…

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The British Guide to Romance

The British Guide to Romance

Welcome back to the set of incredibly useful guides which I make.

Since the extraordinary and rather marvellous advent of what we generally like to refer to as “equality,” courting and eventually mating has become slightly more difficult than the ancient ritual which involved an older man picking any female he liked.


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A referendum legend.

It has occurred to me that I didn’t add this wonderful moment to my earlier referendum post…

Maybe we’re all screwed.

Maybe we’re all screwed.

Huge rock pile.

via Turtlemom. This is really how many rocks you’re going to need to have been under last night to not realise what was going on. I mean, for goodness’ sakes, unlike the STV attempt, this was on BBC One Scotland, BBC Two, BBC News, and Twitter.

Salmond definitely won last night. For me, anyway. And if you’re not British, or you’ve been under a rock, I’m talking about the second (and final) debate…

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GCSE Results

Well, congratulations everyone – if you got some good GCSE results, well done (they’re not easy); if you’re disappointed with them, they’re over now and you’ve got the whole future to prove yourself; and if you didn’t get any GCSE results, every 16 year old in the country envies you madly.


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An English Government?

“With the referendum on Scottish Independence less than a month away, a major new poll suggests a majority of people [54%] in England support the idea of an English Parliament.”

BBC News at 10, 20th August 2014

Well, there you have it. As someone who is half English, I can say this – a majority of English people are morons. But then, let’s see this map again, is that a surprise?

via Wikimedia Foundation.

via Wikimedia…

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ALS Challenge

If you’re a regular reader on this blog, you can probably already imagine – with a groan – what I’ll be going on about here.

“Oh, such a stupid idea, ooh, waste of water”


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"God loves Gays" - the anti-WBC campaign

“God loves Gays” – the anti-WBC campaign

Catchy title as that is and all that, but this quite a funny idea (I think).

Basically, God (@TheGoodGodAbove) has launched an anti-homophobia campaign primarily aimed at the Westboro Baptist Church.


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